The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

The Importance of Preventative Dentistry

Posted by ROBERT A SAUNDERS DDS PC & BRITTANY C KROG DDS on Mar 16 2021, 09:11 PM

Who doesn't like to stay healthy all the time? Be it physical health or dental health; everyone wishes to have sound health without any diseases. But to achieve that state of health, it is important to be proactive. Though it is seen that many people are proactive when it comes to their physical health, the same amount of people tend to show the least interest in their dental health. One of the major mistakes which people across the world commit is that they only visit their dentist when they encounter any kind of discomfort, and as a result, they end up spending more and also go through a lot of suffering.

Let us discuss some of the important aspects of why preventive dentistry is important. 

  • Prevents Decays and Cavities

The build-up of plaque can lead to the formation of tartar, which is the prime reason for the formation of cavities in your teeth. If the cavities are not treated on time, it might lead to a more severe problem. Preventive dentistry also includes deep cleaning, which makes sure that plaque is removed, thus preventing the formation of new cavities. 

  • Strengthens your teeth 

One can witness many professionals offering fluoride dental treatment, which has a higher concentration than the toothpaste you usually use. It is helpful for people who are prone to cavities. In fact, ADA recommends the usage of fluoride toothpaste daily. It helps in reabsorbing the minerals like calcium and phosphate, which are highly beneficial to your health. The minerals, in turn, act as a shield for the teeth against acid attacks.

  • Improves the overall oral health

The whole idea of preventive dentistry is to get a good set of teeth that function as intended and give a good appearance. When you get a chipped tooth or a cracked tooth, your dentist will detect them and fixes them immediately using the proper technique.

  • Saves from burning the whole in the pocket

If you delay any of the dental problems, you also increase the chance of burning a big hole in your pocket. A minor decay can turn out to be the biggest nightmare if you don't get it treated immediately. 

Preventive dentistry helps detect dental problems at an early stage, thus saving you from severe oral diseases in the future.

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