What Are the Different Types of Floss?

What Are the Different Types of Floss?

Posted by ROBERT A SAUNDERS DDS PC & BRITTANY C KROG DDS on Feb 24 2022, 08:44 PM

Flossing is done to clean those areas between the teeth and under the gums that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. When the cleaning is not done properly, plaque builds up and causes tooth decay and gum disease. 
There are different kinds of floss such as unwaxed floss, waxed floss, dental tape, and super floss. Some floss is thicker while some others have less wax than others. 

Unwaxed Floss

This is one of the most popular kinds of floss used. It is made up of multiple nylon strands that have been twisted together. It has no artificial flavoring and thus, it is free from chemicals.
Unwaxed floss is suitable for small gaps in between teeth. It is much thinner than the other kinds of floss. On the other hand, it is more prone to shred and break than other kinds of dental floss. 

Waxed Floss

This is constructed similarly to unwaxed floss except for the addition of a waxed layer. The waxed layer protects and strengthens the floss to prevent shredding and breaking by the user. 
Waxed floss glides properly between the teeth. However, it is thicker due to the addition of the waxed layer, making it difficult to get into small gaps. This floss is also harder to grip for an average user. 

Dental Tape

This has a flatter form and is a lot thicker than other kinds of floss. It is suitable for people with bigger gaps. It is available in waxed and unwaxed variants. This type of floss is not suitable for most people due to its thicker form. Dental tape is also difficult to use between crowded teeth. 

Super Floss

This is a special kind of floss customized for those who have bridges, braces, and wide teeth gaps. It is a regular and spongy floss. It has a stiff end threader that helps to maneuver the floss under bridges for better cleaning. Super floss is not suitable for people with small gaps. 

Polytetrafluorethylene Floss (PTFE)

This floss is made of Gore-Tex fabric. This floss is very strong and doesn't shred with use. It slides easily into small gaps between the crowded teeth due to its smooth texture. 

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