Children's Dentistry

Children's Dentistry

Children's dentistry deals with the oral health of children from infancy through the teen years. Our pediatric dentist aims to help children grow into healthy adults with a healthy set of teeth. 

Kids can have various kinds of dental issues from an early age ranging from "baby bottle" tooth decay to breaking teeth while playing games. Our dentists strive to provide the most advanced treatment for our little patients to rectify their issues and make them feel comfortable during the dental checkup. 

Preventative dental care

We believe that 'prevention is better than cure.' Therefore, we emphasize helping parents to impart good oral hygiene habits to their kids to prevent dental issues. Preventive dentistry for a child starts even before his/her birth, as the mother's diet when the baby is in the womb contributes to developing the primary teeth. And, the child's oral health must be directly taken care of from their birth itself. However, most children do not get good dental care during their early years of life, leading to tooth decay from a significantly younger age. Tooth decay is so common and is the number one infectious disease among children in the United States. After birth, the baby's gum should be cleansed gently, and teeth should be brushed as they develop. To maintain healthy teeth, it is better to limiṭ sugary foods and beverages. Parents must also take their child to a pediatric dentist for a preventive care exam before the age of one to help prevent cavities and decay. It can also save you money by identifying a problem before it is severe and treating them at the first stage. 

Children start developing baby teeth during the first six months of life. When they are 6 or 7 years of age, they start to lose their primary teeth, which are eventually replaced by secondary, permanent teeth. If without proper dental care and oral hygiene habits, children can face oral decay and cavities at a very young age. With an early preventative hygiene plan along with regular dental checkups, our pediatric dentists can help your child prevent childhood tooth decay and other dental complications. 

Therefore, for keeping a child's teeth healthy and śtrong, it is important to follow at-home preventative measures - proper brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups. We believe that early childhood prevention of dental diseases is the foundation of having good dental health and a healthy mouth. We offer a plethora of services to meet children's oral health needs - dental issues, including preventive dental care, orthodontics, gum condition management, emergency care, and custom treatments. We also provide suggestions on the best oral health practices and dietary recommendations to promote dental health. 

The tasks that we perform here involve: 

  • Oral hygiene tests.  
  • Distribution of medicines for relaxation. 
  • Dental Emergencies.  
  • Space management.
  • Discouragement of sucking thumb and finger by appliances and techniques.


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