Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Do you have gaps from missing teeth that cause issues in chewing and speaking? Worry not. This can be removed with dental bridges. 

Dental bridges are the structure which is used to replacing missing teeth. They use the surrounding teeth for support and secures a replacement tooth in the gap. The replacement tooth is supported by dental crowns on either side, placed over the surrounding natural teeth, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and strong replacement tooth system. Bridges can be either permanent (fixed bridges) or they can be removable.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges offer the following benefits:

  • The convenience of a fixed appliance that does not have to be removed each night, like removable dentures.
  • Anchor to other teeth provides a stable, secure device for eating, speaking, and laughing.
  • Restores an aesthetically pleasing smile.
  • Made of natural, tooth-colored materials and mimic the appearance of a real tooth.

Process of getting dental bridges

A dental bridge will help to replace missing teeth by using surrounding teeth, called abutments, and support the missing tooth, called a pontic. The treatment procedure is as follows:

  • During your first dental visit, the doctors will prepare the abutment teeth by shaping and modifying them to make room for abutment crowns. An impression is made and sent to a laboratory where the bridge's underlying metal substructure is fabricated.  
  • During the second visit, we will use a temporary bridge to protect the abutment teeth and fill the missing tooth gap. A shade is taken to color-match to the real teeth, and the metal substructure is tested for proper fit. 
  • At the third visit, the dental bridge is placed, the final bite adjustments are made, and the bridge is cemented into the patient's mouth. 

Schedule an appointment with us if you are looking to replace your missing tooth with dental bridges. 


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